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On our website we use cookies, which are small data files that are necessary for some website functions, such as:

  • Measuring and generating statistics about traffic to our website.
  • Logging in

Cookies allow us to make your next visit to our website easier and more enjoyable, because they can remember things like your chosen language, specific page settings, or customizing content to your needs. These files do not pose any danger and are a standard method that is important for the operation of all websites worldwide.

We never use cookies to identify you or misuse your login credentials, and we never place sensitive or personal data in them.

Cookies we use

Basic cookies, which are focused on the functionality of the website. They allow you to move around the site and use special features.

Statistical, which allow us to work to improve our website and improve its user experience. These include, for example, Google analytics.

 Marketing, which are mainly used for advertising purposes and campaigns. Thanks to them, we are able to simplify your searches, for example through personalised ads on social networks.

Validity of cookies

Cookies can be divided into short-term cookies, which are only valid until you close your browser, and long-term cookies, which remain stored. Long-term cookies will either be valid depending on your browser settings and your own cookie settings, or you can delete them at any time. For how to do this in different browsers, please see the links below. However, without long term cookies you will not be able to take full advantage of all the online services we offer.

Links to opt out of cookies in individual browsers

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