An automated, and above all error-free, verification of document and currency authenticity brings you great savings, in particular in terms of finance. Real damage is caused by acceptance of fake bank notes, and also when concluding agreements using false documents. The solution is simple, contact us.

You get

  • Protection from financial losses through accepting invalid or false documents or currencies
  • Fast and clear identification of authentic documents and currencies
  • Overview of forgeries


Catalogue of Documents

Verification of document´s authenthicity

Catalogue of Currencies

Verification of currencies authenthicity

Control ID

Checks and verifies authenticity of identity documents and assesses information outside the machine readable zone


Magnifier C211

This magnifier is the new generation of the popular C2 magnifier. The new additional UV C security detection function significantly speeds up effective checks.

Magnifier C2

Our professional magnifier with direct and side lighting and UV light is a simple method for quick counterfeit detection.

Detector C8

The C8 professional detection device brings the opportunity for unique protection against counterfeits.

Detector C380

The C380 professional detector gives you the opportunity to display the examined area on your own screen with 10x zoom.