GRANUS, s.r.o

About us

The main focus of Granus s.r.o. is to provide comprehensive services in the field of identification and verification of documents and currencies.

For almost two decades we have been providing comprehensive services in this field, from the design of a suitable solution to the overall service. Our company’s goal is to provide products and services that ensure maximum client satisfaction and benefit.

Our products are characterized by high reliability and long service life. We have long-standing relationships with suppliers who place the quality of their products and services first and foremost. Thanks to our close cooperation we are in most cases the only representative of the supplier on the Czech market.

Service and technical support

Our technical support can get involved as early as during the client’s decision-making process to invest in the proposed solution. We are able to remotely install the selected product and demonstrate it directly on the client’s computer. They can thus see how the proposed solution can work in practice.

We provide complete warranty and post-warranty service. As standard, we offer products with a 24-month warranty, which can be extended up to 60 months. We provide service over the phone, remotely or on-site. Due to the high reliability of the solutions we supply, we are able to provide clients with a free loan of a spare device during the service period (this applies to both warranty and post-warranty service).

Komplexní řešení pro získávání dat z dokladů totožnosti, identifikace pravosti dokladů a platidel od Granus

Our products

Načítání dat z cestovních dokladů od Granus

Reading data from travel documents

Kontrola pravosti dokladů a platidel od Granus

Authenticity and validity check of documents and currencies

Biometrický podpis od Granus


Identifikace osob od Granus

of persons