State institutions, authorities – selected projects:

Ministries of the Czech Republic
Prison Service of the Czech Republic
National Security Authority
Office of the Chamber of Deputies
Constitutional Court
Directorate General of Customs of the Czech Republic
Customs Police of the Czech Republic
Police of the Czech Republic
Municipal Police of the Czech Republic
Transport Inspectorates of the Czech Republic
State Material Reserves Administration of the Czech Republic

Commercial companies – selected projects:

Bank Creditas
Raiffeisen Building Savings Bank
UniCredit Bank
Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany
Nuclear Power Plant Temelín
Vibracoustic Třebechovice pod Orebem
Ponnath ŘEZNIČTÍ MISTŘI, s.r.o.
Currency exchange in the Czech Republic

Hotels – selected projects:

hotel chain CPI
hotel chain Marriott CR
hotel chain Vienna Houses
hotel chain OREA
hotel chain Mama Shelter
hotel chain SIVEK hotel
chain Euroagentur
hotel chain AVE hotel
hotels in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Hungary, Zanzibar

Casinos – selected projects:

Merkur Casino
Victoria – Tip
Rebuy Stars

Komplexní řešení pro získávání dat z dokladů totožnosti, identifikace pravosti dokladů a platidel od Granus

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Načítání dat z cestovních dokladů od Granus

Reading data from travel documents

Kontrola pravosti dokladů a platidel od Granus

Authenticity and validity check of documents and currencies

Biometrický podpis od Granus


Identifikace osob od Granus

of persons

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