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 In our offer you can choose products according to the following categories:

Načítání dat z cestovních dokladů od Granus

Reading data from travel documents

Kontrola pravosti dokladů a platidel od Granus

Authenticity and validity check of documents and currencies

Biometrický podpis od Granus


Identifikace osob od Granus

of persons

Komplexní řešení pro získávání dat z dokladů totožnosti, identifikace pravosti dokladů a platidel od Granus

What can we help you with?

Navrh reseni od Granus

Proposal for a solution

Do you need to streamline ID processes and avoid operational errors? Thanks to our many years of experience, we can design a solution to help you do that.

Implementace od Granus

Solution implementation

Our work does not end with the proposal of a solution. We will help you implement the solution, exactly according to your requirements. Of course, we also provide training for your employees.

Servis od Granus

Technical support

Are you afraid you won’t know what to do? Don’t be! We offer full technical support for the entire time you use our solutions. From traditional technical support to in-house service.

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