Biometric signature, or visible digital signature, is a secure method of signing electronic documents which exploits the original and unique characteristics (speed, pressure, acceleration, time of transcript, etc.) of how a person signs a document electronically. The solution is simple, contact us.

You get

  • The opportunity to record the client’s signature in a modern and accurate manner
  • Savings in the cost of printing, paper, document archiving and associated jobs
  • The opportunity to verify the authenticity of signatures

Using electronic signatures creates the opportunity of ensuring more efficient work and saves you time and money. It is primarily designed for professional use. Thanks to the specially developed calligraphic algorithm, the writing feels quite natural. The look and feel of digital ink, together with our software solution, offer the same experience as writing on regular paper.

Electronic signature allows you to

  • Capture signatures with characteristics that allow their reliable verification,
  • Keep electronic forms and sensitive data within the current IT environment of your organization,
  • Create signed documents where you can check whether their integrity is still valid.

3 core benefits

  • Speed up processes: eg. filling out forms, relief from routine administrative activities (printing, scanning and similar),
  • Savings: no document printing, no scanning of signed documents, reduced printer and scanner running costs,
  • Environment: significant reduction in paper consumption.


  • Simplicity: easy integration of interfaces for the preparation and transmission of documents, a simple process of signing in just a few simple steps via an application or web portal,
  • Safety: along with the signature, biometric characteristics (pressure, rhythm, speed, direction, strength etc.) are also recorded. This data is encrypted and saved along with the document.