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The Wacom STU540 is our most advanced and durable premium signature pad with a 5″ high-resolution colour screen and tempered glass cover for superior durability.

It also offers a wide range of connectivity options, including several options for virtualized desktop environments, as well as sophisticated encryption and user convenience. This gives these signature pads the flexibility to meet the growing demands of any organization implementing handwritten electronic signatures.

Basic equipment

  • signature pad
  • electronic wireless pen, without batteries
  • USB cable 3m
  • spare pen nibs


  • low maintenance costs thanks to high durability and patented battery-free wireless digital pen
  • biometrically accurate signatures using a digital pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • High durability and a natural feel like writing on paper, made possible by tempered glass with anti-glare screen treatment
  • secure transactions with state-of-the-art AES256 / RSA2048 encryption
  • support for virtualized environments via Virtual COM Port (VCP)
  • attractive signature rendering using WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language)
  • Improved signature traceability thanks to UID (Unique hardware ID) to identify the signature on which it was made
  • Ability to display promotional materials via enhanced USB protocol and internal image storage, allowing ads to be displayed at natural speed without delay

Technical parameters

dimensions: 163 x 157 x 10 mm
weight: 275 g
power: USB
interface: USB
LCD panel:
type: TFT
surface: tempered AG glass
resolution: 800 x 480 pixels

Tablet and pen:
technology: electromagnetic resonance (EMR)
active signature area size: 108 x 65 mms
coordinate resolution: 2540 lpi
coordinate accuracy: ±0.02 inches / ±0.5 mm (center)
speed: 200 dots per second
pressure levels: 1024
encryption: AES 256 / RSA 2048



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