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Compact solution for fast and efficient data collection

Are you looking for a high quality and reliable ID scanning solution? Thanks to innovative OCR technology and excellent scanning characteristics, ICON Scanner guarantees secure data and image capture for ID cards, passports, driving licenses and many other documents including personal data. This makes the perfect solution for a wide range of industries that require fast data capture. From hotel check-in, age verification at casinos or car rental contracts, car dealerships etc., ICON Scanner can help you with your work processes by simplifying and speeding up data reading, storage, and processing.

ICON Scanner provides data for processing from these documents:

Scanner průkazů totožnosti od Granus

Identity cards

Scanner průkazů totožnosti od Granus


Scanner průkazů totožnosti od Granus


Scanner průkazů totožnosti od Granus

Residence permit

Penta Scanner povoleních k pobytu od Granus

Driving licences

Penta Scanner povoleních k pobytu od Granus

Credit cards

Penta Scanner povoleních k pobytu od Granus

Health Insurance cards


  • scanning of documents in classical light (VIZ) and infrared light (IR)
  • machine readable zone reading (OCR) of ID cards, passports and visas


  • speeds up the data capture process and enables easy use and data processing
  • quickly and reliably reads all data from the Machine Readable and Visual Zone (MRZ)
  • scanned images impress with sharp resolution up to 400 dpi
  • prevents light spots or reflections that could be caused by lamination or holographic printing
  • easily integrated into user-friendly kiosks or counters
  • easy installation and compatibility with a variety of software applications

Technical parameters

Scanner dimensions: 147 x 149 x 79 mm
Active scanning area dimensions: 94 x 130 mm
Connectivity: USB 2.0 host
Power supply: 5 V DC +/- 5% (via USB)
Power consumption: max. 0.5 A
Light sources: conventional (VIS), infrared (IR)
Image formats: JPG, BMP, PNG
Resolution: adjustable up to 400 dpi

ICON Scanner can be equipped with the following modules

Svetelne zdroje od Granus

Different light sources

The device is equipped with visible and infrared light.

Svetelne zdroje od Granus

OCR technology

As a standard feature, the device works with OCR for optical character recognition and reliably reads all data from the Machine Readable and Visual Zone (MRZ).

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