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PENTA Scanner for reading travel documents

PENTA Scanner is a device for fast and efficient reading of travel documents – it scans, captures and processes data and images from the following documents: identity cards, driving licenses, passports, visas, biometric passports, credit cards, vaccination certificates.
This product will provide you with unparalleled image quality, both in normal and UV or IR light. The scanner quickly recognizes characters. In addition, the operation is very simple and thus does not require a specially trained operator. Once the document is inserted, the device automatically creates images and performs the analysis.

PENTA Scanner provides data for processing from these documents:

Scanner průkazů totožnosti od Granus

Identity cards

Scanner průkazů totožnosti od Granus


Scanner průkazů totožnosti od Granus


Scanner průkazů totožnosti od Granus

Residence permit

Penta Scanner povoleních k pobytu od Granus

Driving licences

Penta Scanner povoleních k pobytu od Granus

Credit cards

Penta Scanner povoleních k pobytu od Granus

Health Insurance cards

Penta Scanner povoleních k pobytu od Granus

Certificate of vaccination

Basic equipment

  • scanning of documents in classical light (VIZ) and infrared light (IR)
  • machine readable zone reading (OCR) of ID cards, passports and visas
  • Safety glass: display with scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

Optional equipment

  • UV light for checking security features/authentication
  • Barcode reader for reading 1D and 2D barcodes from paper and digital displays (smart watches, smart phones, tablets), e.g. boarding passes and tickets
  • Magnetic stripe reader (MSR) for reading cards with magnetic stripes, e.g. loyalty, bank and credit cards
  • RFID module for reading biometric passports
  • special RFID module for reading Chinese travel documents
  • NFC module for contactless reading, e.g. employee ID cards
  • smart card reader for reading smart cards, e.g. credit and debit cards
  • integrated secure access module specifically for reading SAM cards
  • fully graphic display
  • integrated computer: fully functional Windows computer


  • all-in-one solution
  • speeds up and simplifies the process of data collection, access control and identity verification
  • large scan window allows scanning of entire image pages up to ID3 format
  • The PENTA scanner can be equipped with a UV light and in combination with authentication software checks the authenticity of submitted documents
  • compact design and scratch-resistant safety glass make the PENTA scanner an extremely stable and user-friendly device

Technical parameters

scanners dimensions: 219.9 x 150 x 144.7 mm
active scanning area dimensions: 94 x 131 mm
connectivity: USB 2.0 host
power supply: 5 V DC +/- 5%
power consumption: max. 2.5 A
light sources: conventional (VIS), infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV-A) optional
Image formats: JPG, BMP, PNG
Resolution: 150 to 500 dpi

The PENTA Scanner can be equipped with the following modules

Svetelne zdroje od Granus

Different light sources

By default, the device is equipped to work with visible and infrared light. An optional UV light source allows reliable and complete ID verification by revealing “hidden” document security features.

Svetelne zdroje od Granus

OCR technology

As a standard feature, the device works with OCR for optical character recognition and reliably reads all data from the Machine Readable and Visual Zone (MRZ).

Svetelne zdroje od Granus

Barcode reader

1D and 2D barcodes can be read either from paper or from digital displays, for example on smartphones.

Svetelne zdroje od Granus


In order to read RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips on biometric passes, an RFID module can be integrated.

Svetelne zdroje od Granus


For contactless data collection, the terminal can be equipped with an NFC (Near Field Communication) module. This also makes you ideally prepared for future requirements.

Svetelne zdroje od Granus

Magnetic strip reader

Bi-directional swipe reader on the front of the magnetic stripe card reader.

Svetelne zdroje od Granus

Chip card reader

A module for reading smart cards can also be integrated.

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